The Birth place of Jeevan Sharma

The birthplace of Jeevan Sharma is situated in the Upper side of Jaimini municipality , Baglung . 



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Biography  of Jeevan Sharma 

Let us introduce Jeevan Sharma so that everyone could develop a sense of understanding about the personality as a potential cultural movement.

Jeevan Sharma among the people .

Jeevan Sharma ( 8 March 1960 ) is an Nepali singer, songwriter and poet . The term ‘Jeevan ‘ means the life and ‘Sharma’ means shelter . Known as the people’s singer Jeevan Sharma is widely regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the proletarian class and one of the greatest propagandists among suppressed people throughout the world . He is also known for his philanthropy, charitable for the poor and simple lifestyle . Jeevan’s contributions to music, dance, drama poem along with his popular as well as publicized personal life, made him a global figure in people’s literary works since 19764 . Because of distinctive vocal and song writing he is widely considered on of the pioneers of people’s song .

Jeevan sharma started singing in Nepal’s western mountains of Baglung district at the age of fourteen . He used to sing the songs of poor  who were  consistently  exploited by upper class . During those days He was underground activist of against the absolute regime of monarchy in Nepal . He raised awareness among the people with his popular songs . Learnt to play a number of musical instruments, he composed several music and developed some reputation in music at a local level . He did well to develop a sense of class conscious in the grass route  level . He  spent countless hours in social activities and music performances . As jeevan sharma left the village and came to Kathmandu he got  many chances to join the cultural programs . Jeevan Sharma joined Engineering college at Pulchowk but he  realized that it would be better for spending more time studying books on social science and philosophy and in practicing music. As a result, after successfully completing one and half year of the college course in Electrical Engineering, he switched to social studies and singing songs full time. he studied philosophy and sociology in colleges and University and completed Masters Degree from Tribhuban University, Nepal. During his career as a student, he was an ardent student activist. he developed many songs that adhered to issues of social justice and social change. Gradually the entire activist community in Nepal started looking forward to his contributions to society through music. As a result, he abandoned an offer of admission and scholarship in a PhD program in sociology and devoted a full time career in music. since there was no music school in Nepal which could offer him higher studies, could not advance his career in Nepal Over years, he has devoted his life for social transformation and his contributions primarily came through art. During this course, he has published more than 400 songs and continued making his living through music with a pseudo name of Jeevan Sharma. He writes lyrics, gives music and uses his own vocal in most of these songs.  However, his songs are among the most popular ones in Nepal and contributions of his music made in raising the social awareness in Nepal over the last three decades. Similarly, he has traveled every corner of Nepal every major cities of India and several cities of overseas during his journey to carry the people’s music to people. The most profound gain he has made in this process is the depth of understanding and intensity of connection made with people of various ethnic people, nationalities, religions and cultures in this Nepal .

                                       Jeevan sharma with the colleagues at Tribhuvan University

The entire life of jeevan sharma has been devoted for raising the consciousness among marginalized people . He founded Raktim Cultural movement in 2043 B.S. He established it among the Nepalese people as well as throughout the world. Now Sharma is continuing his carrier on his path of singing people’s songs. Here is the map of The Birth place of Jeevan Sharma